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Table of Contents
Volume 11 | Issue 1 - 2021
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Impact of recorded lectures on classroom attendance in PharmD didactic courses
  p. 1-10
Indi Williams
Immunoenhancing effect of Lactobacillus reuteri on immunized mice intestine using cholerae toxin subtype B
  p. 11-17
Musjaya Guli
Rectal methods of delivery of medical drugs with a protein nature in the therapies of tumor disease
  p. 18-22
Jandos Ukibayev
The effect of Bilineaster “Cotoneaster” on reducing bilirubin in neonates with jaundice -a triple-blind randomized clinical trial
  p. 23-28
Hamidreza Aghababaeian
Current aspects of antibacterial drug administration when treating nosocomial Pneumonia
  p. 29-34
Irina M. Farber
MyDispense impact in compensating summer field training course during COVID-19 pandemic
  p. 35-38
Yosra Al-Hindi
Creating a biological product using Nitrogen-fixing bacteria before sowing wheat
  p. 39-47
Zh. A. Baigonussova
Stories of the elderly in relation to Katharine Kolcaba's Theory (Chillanes-Ecuador)
  p. 48-52
Daniel Manobanda Gaibor
Returning in‘new normal’– a thematic analysis of Twitter chat by pharmacy students
  p. 53-62
Majid Ali
Cost minimization of cardiovascular disease (CVD) drugs in primary healthcare centers in Bandung, Indonesia
  p. 63-69
Rano K. Sinuraya
Impact of dietary acculturation among Saudi students in Glasgow
  p. 70-80
Ahmad Ali M. Alhazmi
Predicting factors impact to quality of life of school age Thalassemic children in Indonesia
  p. 81-85
Henny Suzana Mediani
The active site of human Tyrosinase-related Protein: can it be inhibited by plants?
  p. 86-90
Yuniarti Falya
The development of personal self-regulation of the cadets
  p. 91-104
Maria Sergeevna Korotaeva
Pharmacy students' knowledge and attitude of prescribing errors
  p. 105-113
Ahmad Z. Al Meslamani
Lexical and grammatical difficulties the technical students face when translating texts on specialty
  p. 114-119
Ludmila Mikhailovna Kalyanova
Comparison of TGF-β1 in corneal laceration with or without Aloe vera gel treatment
  p. 120-124
Nur Atik
Efficacy of Generic vs. branded Isotretinoin for Acne treatment: a case report
  p. 125-127
Elham Alshammari
The potential role of Fluoroquinolones in the management of Covid-19 a rapid review
  p. 128-134
Zoheir A. Damanhouri
The effect of Calcium channel blocker in the Betamethasone-induced Glaucoma model in rabbits
  p. 135-140
Waleed K. Abdulsahib
Improving the innovative development mechanism of the trade sector
  p. 141-146
Svetlana Viktorovna Panasenko
The indicator system of regional socio-economic situation based on harmonized information resources
  p. 147-155
Natalia Alekseevna Sadovnikova
Sleep deprivation effect on concentration of some reproductive hormones in healthy men and women volunteers
  p. 156-160
Dhamia Ahmed Attia
Clinical pharmacokinetics and bioavailability study between generic and branded fluconazole capsules
  p. 161-169
Mustafa Ihssan Abbas Al-Mahroos
Pharmacokinetics and bioequivalence study of two formulations of Cefixime Suspension
  p. 170-177
Esraa Ghazy Jabbar
Comparative analysis of the efficacy of Paracetamol and Naproxen as a preemptive analgesia following surgical dental extraction
  p. 178-181
Mohanad Adel ‎Mohammed
Detection of Toxocara canis infection by ELIZA, with follow-up some Biochemical and histological changes
  p. 182-188
Maroof Sabti Juma Al-Ammash
The activity of curcumin combined with ZnCl2 on streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats: An anti-diabetic, anti-hyperlipidemic study
  p. 189-198
Suhailah Saud Al-Jameel
Development of professional competencies in higher pharmaceutical education according to students
  p. 199-206
Evgeniia Alekseevna Budenkova
Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the development of digital technologies in academic education
  p. 207-213
Elena Alekseevna Smirnova

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