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Efficacy of Generic vs. branded Isotretinoin for Acne treatment: a case report


Acne vulgaris can have significant psychological effects and leave extreme skin scarring on the patient. Also, this condition can cause discomfort, disfigurement of the skin, emotional stress, anxiety, and embarrassment. Acne can be treated using either systemic or topical therapies. The effectiveness of oral isotretinoin in acne vulgaris has been well established. The recommended daily prescription varies from 0.5 to 1 mg/kg. The therapy should be maintained for several months to reach cumulative doses of 120-150 mg/kg in maximum. Nevertheless, numerous side effects are identified with its use, some of which can lead to very devastating consequences. Some patients may develop serious early flaring of AV with various deep inflammatory papules and nodules. In other cases, patients may experience a lot of intolerability of dose-related side effects, including xerophthalmia, xerosis, myalgia, and cheilitis. Based on this information, the current paper sought to present a case report of a patient with acne vulgaris and their response to isotretinoin of different generics. The patient did not experience improvements in their acne condition while on generic medications. In line with the reviewed literature, generic medications are linked with comparable effectiveness with their brand counterparts, but bioequivalence tests should be questioned.

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Alshammari E. Efficacy of Generic vs. branded Isotretinoin for Acne treatment: a case report. J Adv Pharm Educ Res. 2021;11(1):125-7. https://doi.org/10.51847/UvTeFaq1oI
Alshammari, E. (2021). Efficacy of Generic vs. branded Isotretinoin for Acne treatment: a case report. Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education and Research, 11(1), 125-127. https://doi.org/10.51847/UvTeFaq1oI
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