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Table of Contents
Volume 11 | Issue 2 - 2021
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Melanoma-associated antigen A1 and A3 as new candidate of diagnostic for non-small cell lung cancer
  p. 1-4
Isnin Anang Marhana , Muhammad Amin , Gondo Mastutik , Oski Illiandri
Comparative study between formative assessment and flipped classroom lectures in a drug information course ‎
  p. 5-10
Naoto Nakagawa
Prevalence and predictors of self-medication practices in the population of Saudi Arabia: systematic review ‎
  p. 11-16
Khlood Mohammad Aldossary
In Vitro Antimicrobial Activity Study of Some Organotin(IV) Chlorobenzoates against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli ‎
  p. 17-22
Samsuar Samsuar , Wasinton Simanjuntak , Hardoko Insan Qudus , Yandri Yandri , Dian Herasari , Sutopo Hadi
Spasticity Effect in relation to body mass index on dynamic postural stability in patients with stroke
  p. 23-28
Karim Ahmed Fathy , Youssef Al Baalawy , Heba Gaber Abd El Fadil
Knowledge, attitude, and behaviour regarding doping in sports among physicians and pharmacists: a questionnaire-based study
  p. 29-35
Muhannad Riadh Mohammed Salih , Arwa Younis Abd
Using Flip-classroom model in the topic of Thyroid disorders in the pharmacotherapeutic class: a pilot study
  p. 36-39
Karunrat Tewthanom
The effect of brain GYM on the dementia and depression reduction of the elderly‎
  p. 40-44
Surita Ginting , Afniwati Afniwati , Yufdel Yufdel
Sociodemographic differences, prevalence, and patterns of energy drink consumption among Jazan university students, Saudi Arabia
  p. 45-50
Ahmad Yahya Alqassim , Abdulwahab Abdoh Aqeeli , Abdullah Ahmed Alharbi , Maria Zenaida Medrano Tumambing , Anwar Mohummed Makeen , Murouj Mohammed Hakami , Atheer Ibrahim Shahar , Sara Mohammed Aljazaery , Salwa Mohammed Safhi , Nouf Adel Hakami , Nora Mohammed Ali Mahnashi , Ameera Jabber Alharisi
A cross-sectional survey of side effects after COVID-19 vaccination in Saudi Arabia: male versus female outcomes
  p. 51-56
Ahlam Alghamdi , Alnada Ibrahim , Rhagda Almutairi , Mercy Joseph , Ghaida Alghamdi , Aljohara Alhamza
Prevalence of Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism and its Correlation with Serum Antithyroglobulin among patients in Kirkuk-Iraq ‎
  p. 57-60
Sabah Muhammed Salih , Wijdan Abdullameer Kamel , Mohammed Talat Abbas , Kasim Sakran Abass
ACTH₄₋₁₀PRO⁸-GLY⁹-PRO¹⁰ improves Neutrophil profile in spinal cord injury of rat models ‎
  p. 61-65
Muhammad Faris , Budi Utomo , Asra Al Fauzi , I Ketut Sudiana , Sri Maliawan , Yoes Prijatna Dahlan , Oski Illiandri , Moh. Hasan Machfoed , Abdul Hafid Bajamal
Essential oil extracted from plant tuber of nutgrass “Cyperus rotundus” effectively decreased sperm quality of mice
  p. 66-70
Hendri Busman , Sutyarso Sutyraso , Mohammad Kanedi , Salman Farisi , Dzul Fithria Mumtazah
The role of diet in bacterial/viral infections: Vegan diet, red meat, and the Coronavirus
  p. 71-74
Elham Alshammari
Effort-induced bronchospasm in athletes: modern views on pathogenesis and diagnosis in high-school teenagers
  p. 75-81
Farber Irina Mikhailovna , Svetlana Nikolaevna Chebysheva , Angelina Valeryevna Meleshkina , Marina Dalgatovna Shakhnazarova , Maria Alekseevna Kudryashova
The effect of formulation and process variables on prepared etoricoxib ‎Nanosponges
  p. 82-87
Ahmed Hamed Salman , Fatima Jalal Al-Gawhari , Khalid Kadima Al-kinani
Moringa oleifera decrease blood sugar level and blood pressure in pregnant diabetic rats
  p. 88-91
Harry Kurniawan Gondo
Pharmacokinetics of Fluconazole tablets administered to healthy subjects ‎
  p. 92-99
Afaq Mahde Ammoo , Duaa Jaafar Jaber Al-Tamimi , Mustafa Ihssan Abbas Al-Mahroos , Mariam Jaafar Jaber Al-Tamimi , Jaafar Jaber Ibraheem
Clopidogrel versus ticagrelor in elective percutaneous coronary intervention ‎
  p. 100-107
Nagwan Mahmoud Salama , El-Sayed Mahmoud El-Rokh , Ghada Hashem , Hatem Hossam Mowafy , Maha Hamdi Elsissy , Dina Ahmed Aly Labib

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