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Analysis of the retail range of antifungal medicines using an integrated ABC-XYZ analysis matrix

Olga Krylova, Svetlana Rozhnova, Galina Tananakina, Valentin Marievskii, Zulfiya Magomedova, Rabiyat Magomedova


The work aims to conduct an ABC-XYZ analysis with the creation of an integrated matrix to obtain an idea of the place of each drug of the triazole derivatives group in the assortment of pharmaceutical organizations, as well as the structure of their application and the assessment of their contribution to the commodity circulation. Antifungal drug market (1,432 drugs presented), ABC analysis, XYZ analysis, statistical analysis, comparative analysis, content analysis, graphical method. The research showed a wide prevalence of triazole derivatives in the antimycotic drug market (360 drugs, 26%). Furthermore, ABC - and XYZ-analyses of the representatives of this group were carried out. The results of these analyses were used to construct an integrated ABC-XYZ matrix. In the resulting matrix, all antimycotics represented by triazole derivatives were divided into 9 groups, each of which is characterized by its contribution to the range of antifungal drugs, their turnover, the level of consumer value, the reliability of forecasting, and the tendency to seasonal fluctuations. Retail and wholesale participants in the pharmaceutical market should always review the range of different medicines in connection with the rapid development of modern pharmacotherapy. The group of antimycotics that are triazole derivatives continues to develop rapidly. The research shows that at the moment these medicines occupy a leading place in the Russian pharmaceutical market. With the help of ABC and XYZ analyses, an integrated matrix was compiled that allows pharmaceutical organizations to evaluate and adjust the range of antifungal drugs that are triazole derivatives.

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Krylova O, Rozhnova S, Tananakina G, Marievskii V, Magomedova Z, Magomedova R. Analysis of the retail range of antifungal medicines using an integrated ABC-XYZ analysis matrix. J Adv Pharm Educ Res. 2021;11(2):106-12. https://doi.org/10.51847/gJQhlvqgNE
Krylova, O., Rozhnova, S., Tananakina, G., Marievskii, V., Magomedova, Z., & Magomedova, R. (2021). Analysis of the retail range of antifungal medicines using an integrated ABC-XYZ analysis matrix. Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education and Research, 11(2), 106-112. https://doi.org/10.51847/gJQhlvqgNE
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