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The effect of formulation and process variables on prepared etoricoxib ‎Nanosponges

Ahmed Hamed Salman , Fatima Jalal Al-Gawhari , Khalid Kadima Al-kinani


To assess the improvement in solubility and drug release using Nanosponges (NS) deliver system. ETX loaded NSs (ETX-NS) were prepared using the emulsion solvent diffusion method. The ratio of drug: polymer (1:0.25,1:1.5: 1:2 and 1:3) for formulas F1, F2, F3, and F4 respectively, the type and quantity of organic solvent used in the preparation, stirring rate, and sonication effects on the solubility, particle size, and entrapment efficiency and entrapment efficiency of prepared NS were investigated and evaluated. 

The solubility of ETX was enhanced when formulated as EXT-Ns. The increase in EC proportion in EXT: EC ratio caused a decrease in solubility of prepared EXT-NS ‎‎(p<0.05), while sonication increases the solubility of NS associated with a reduction in particle size at a constant ratio of EXT: EC (1:2). Increasing PVA content from 2gm (F3) to 3 gm (F3-B) caused a high increase in the solubility (2.704 mg/ml) of NS with a significant reduction in particle size (110 nm). Particle size results confirmed that prepared NS were in the nanosized range with a Polydispersity Index (PDI) of less than 1 ‎‎(=0.005). The ratio of EXT: polymer, sonication, and PVA quantities variables have a significant effect on EXT-NS solubility, particle size, and %EE. Improved % EE ‎‎(90%) and efficient reduction in particle size can be obtained by increasing the quantity of PVA in the formulation and using the suitable drug: polymer ratio and stirring speed during processing.

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Salman A H, Al-Gawhari F J, Al-kinani K K. The effect of formulation and process variables on prepared etoricoxib ‎Nanosponges. J Adv Pharm Educ Res. 2021;11(2):82-7. https://doi.org/10.51847/Q0QRKUV2kQ
Salman, A. H., Al-Gawhari, F. J., & Al-kinani, K. K. (2021). The effect of formulation and process variables on prepared etoricoxib ‎Nanosponges. Journal Of Advanced Pharmacy Education And Research, 11(2),82-87. https://doi.org/10.51847/Q0QRKUV2kQ
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