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Table of Contents
Volume 13 | Issue 4 - 2023
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Permeation studies of flavonoid total on Moringa leaves ethanolic extract patch
  p. 1-7
Dian Eka Ermawati
Views: 1936
Downloads: 441
Oral nanobilosomes of ropinirole: preparation, compatibility and Ex-vivo intestinal absorption study
  p. 8-15
Samer Khalid Ali
Views: 947
Downloads: 181
Influence of herbal extracts in physicochemical properties and stability of antibacterial gels
  p. 16-24
Cristina Marisel Pérez Zamora
Views: 1255
Downloads: 195
Effect of formulation variables on the properties of a new vesicular system of an anthraquinone derivative
  p. 25-29
Noor Yousif Fareed
Views: 868
Downloads: 133
The clinical picture of the damage to the organs of the hepatobiliopancreatic area in hypothyroidism
  p. 30-35
Eduard Gukasovich Sarkisyan
Views: 1257
Downloads: 108
Efficiency for the implantation Wasfaty prescription programme from the patient’s perspective: A focus-group study
  p. 36-38
Abdullah Mohammad Alshammari
Views: 1113
Downloads: 118
Correlation between body mass index with thoracic and lumbar curves in female students at Jouf University
  p. 39-43
Nesma Morgan Allam
Views: 915
Downloads: 116
Influence of Russian pharmaceutical industry on ecology and human health
  p. 44-51
Elmira Mugudinovna Musinova
Views: 1050
Downloads: 119
A comparison study of in-vivo pharmacokinetic parameters after oral cilnidipine nanocrystals administration in rats
  p. 52-56
Suray Abed Hazzaa
Views: 865
Downloads: 165
Traces of childhood exploitation: A comprehensive study on the forms of child labour in Iran
  p. 57-64
Kameel Ahmady
Views: 1204
Downloads: 111
Panic buying behavior and Covid-19 handling knowledge of health workers and non-health workers in Bali
  p. 65-71
Ni Putu Udayana Antari
Views: 762
Downloads: 133
Patients’ and healthcare professionals’ experience with at-home parenteral therapy
  p. 72-82
Marko Puzovic
Views: 734
Downloads: 114
Anxiety and performance in a structured objective clinical examination of undergraduate physical therapy students
  p. 83-92
Luis Gómez Miranda
Views: 1041
Downloads: 119
Clinical pharmacist participation improved the cost-effectiveness of antibiotic treatment in a pediatric intensive care unit
  p. 93-98
Rani Sauriasari
Views: 661
Downloads: 107
Antibacterial activity of methanolic extract of leaves Indigofera Suffruticosa naturally grown in Iraq
  p. 99-103
Omar Hussein Ahmed
Views: 876
Downloads: 165
Parkinson's disease, early physiotherapeutic rehabilitation during the period January-December 2022 at the Central Polyclinic, Durres
  p. 104-108
Aida Zotaj
Views: 795
Downloads: 82

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