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Influence of Russian pharmaceutical industry on ecology and human health

Elmira Mugudinovna Musinova, Patimat Abdulayevna Omarova, Kamilla Gadzhimuradovna Aliyeva, Abdurakhman Mallayevich Magomedov, Patimat Mithatovna Daniyalova, Madina Nabievna Asadulayeva, Guriyat Nurakhmedovna Abdulgalimova, Vera Vasilyevna Nikitina, Saida Ilyasovna Gadzhieva


The pharmaceutical industry is a branch of the economy associated with research activities, the development of new drugs and medical devices, as well as the production of the above. Pharmaceutical industries belong to chemical industries, therefore, they are subject to high requirements for the preservation of good ecology in the adjacent territories. Pollution from the pharmaceutical industry is anthropogenic. In addition to the well-known factors of the influence of environmental pollution on human health, the pharmaceutical industry has an impact on the health of employees. This article analyzes data on the growth of pharmaceutical enterprises and their market share, the volume of production, and the sale of medicines for the period up to July 2021. A brief overview of pharmaceutical enterprises in the south of Russia, an assessment of the ecological state of the respective regions, and also measures taken in these regions to solve environmental problems and high-quality disposal of industrial waste are compiled.

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Musinova EM, Omarova PA, Aliyeva KG, Magomedov AM, Daniyalova PM, Asadulayeva MN, et al. Influence of Russian pharmaceutical industry on ecology and human health. J Adv Pharm Educ Res. 2023;13(4):44-51. https://doi.org/10.51847/wWPpiDm6iU
Musinova, E. M., Omarova, P. A., Aliyeva, K. G., Magomedov, A. M., Daniyalova, P. M., Asadulayeva, M. N., Abdulgalimova, G. N., Nikitina, V. V., & Gadzhieva, S. I. (2023). Influence of Russian pharmaceutical industry on ecology and human health. Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education and Research, 13(4), 44-51. https://doi.org/10.51847/wWPpiDm6iU
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