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Table of Contents
Volume 10 | Issue 2 - 2020
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Molecular Docking of Quinine, Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine to Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2 (ACE2) Receptor for Discovering New Potential COVID-19 Antidote
  p. 1-4
Keri Lestari
Evaluation of innovated formula of Bisacodyl suppository following the dissolution profile and stability data by using developed HPLC method
  p. 5-10
Esraa G. Jabar
Comprehensive patient rehabilitation while performing immediate dental implant placement with the use of information-wave therapy (literature overview)
  p. 11-14
Mavidis Kharalampos
Comparison of susceptibility‏ ‏artifact on rectal DWI-MRI and rectal volume before and after ultrasound gel versus Microlax enema
  p. 15-20
Maryam Farghadani
Impact of exercise training program on markers of Atherosclerosis in hypertensive patients with blood group A
  p. 21-26
Heba A Mousa Galeb
Acapella versus hand-held positive expiratory pressure on Pulmonary functions in management of chronic obstructive Pulmonary diseases
  p. 27-34
Mohamed Shamakh
The effect of computer-based education on attitude towards marriage in single people with type 1 Diabetes
  p. 35-40
Shiva Khodarahmi
Effect of drug treatment on serum Cartilage Oligomeric Matrix Protein levels in patients of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Knee Osteoarthritis in Bandung, Indonesia
  p. 41-45
Nyi Mekar Saptarini
Effectiveness of Infliximab and Adalimumab in Iraqi patients with ulcerative colitis – Real-World Data
  p. 46-51
Ahmed Khalid Mohammed
Actuality of the implementation of international practice in proliferation of counterfeit medicines involving Interpol
  p. 52-59
Serhii Lebed
Protective drugs against Risk of Intra-coronary Stent Restenosis
  p. 60-63
Tarek Abdelmoneim Abdelaziz
The role of physical exercise in treating people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  p. 64-70
Ahmed A. Ibrahim
A critical study about the faculty members' evaluation models
  p. 71-76
Akram Gazerani
Thermodynamics of Si etching and removal of the oxide layer from Si cluster surface using KOH solution: A DFT study
  p. 77-83
Mudar Ahmed Abdulsattar
PR support in strategic investor relations at retail companies
  p. 84-90
Valery V. Bezpalov
A Comprehensive Review of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni effects on Human Health and Its Mechanism
  p. 91-95
Irma Rahayu Latarissa
Student Evaluation of Teaching. Is it valid?
  p. 96-103
Elham Alshammari
Study of the subacute toxicity of a fungicide on rabbits
  p. 104-109
Taguig Assia
A Review on home oxygen therapy (HOT) in severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients with resting Hypoxemia
  p. 110-122
Nada A Alsaleh
Effect of breathing retraining on functional capacity in Pickwickian syndrome patients
  p. 123-128
Nehal A. Shawky
Causes of giving up newborns in modern Russia
  p. 129-134
Olga Alexandrovna Manerova
Cost optimization in the drug treatment of the inpatients with Schizophrenia
  p. 135-143
Elena Maksimkina
Reflection on public education and awareness in facing Corona Virus (COVID-19): Experiences from Saudi Arabia
  p. 144-146
Abdullah M.Alshammari
The effectiveness of Jigsaw and STAD (student teams achievement division) cooperative learning model on pharmaceutical mathematics
  p. 147-158
Renatalia Fika
Characteristics of the assortment of antifungal medicines presented in the Russian pharmaceutical market
  p. 159-165
O.V. Krylova
Novel biomaterial from mud-crab shell as alternative for maxillofacial trauma treatment
  p. 166-171
Shanti F. Boesoirie
Relative contribution of emotional intelligence indicators in quality of nursing services in Saudi private hospitals at the Eastern province
  p. 172-178
Reem Nasser Mohammed AL-Dossary
Ultrasonographic changes of abdominal subcutaneous fat after different noninvasive treatment methods in women with central obesity
  p. 179-187
Hisham A. Al-waseif
The common pharmaceutical market of the Eurasian economic union: regulatory analysis
  p. 188-194
Elena Revovna Zakharochkina
Research of motives for formation of corporate culture of students in the context of the paradigm of cognitive psychology
  p. 195-202
Kateryna Brovko
Evaluating the effect of product marketing mix on the export of mineral products
  p. 203-208
Seyed Ali Hoseini‎
The effect of revascularization of the internal Carotid artery on the Microcirculation of the eye
  p. 209-214
D. G. Iosseliani
Historicism in criminal law science “historical methods and their significance for evolution of criminal law”
  p. 215-230
Anzhelika Irekovna Alimova

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