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Characteristics of the assortment of antifungal medicines presented in the Russian pharmaceutical market

O.V. Krylova , T.M. Litvinova , M.N. Denisova , D.V. Babaskin , Alaq Ali Mohammed Al-Barghash


The problem of treating fungal infections is currently quite pressing all over the world as an urgent issue in modern medicine. Recently, there has been a noticeable increase in infections caused by fungi, such as candidiasis or mycoses, which occur in weakened immunity patients. Infectious diseases continue to be a threat, a leading cause of death in developing countries, and a serious problem for advanced countries. Worsening environmental situation, HIV epidemic, the widespread use of transplants and anticancer therapy, increasing the number of surgical interventions, and widespread and unjustified use of antibiotics lead to the emergence of diseases that are difficult to treat with existing medicines. There is a rapid increase in the incidence of deep (invasive) mycoses, which can be very severe and characterized by high mortality. Currently, dermatologists are armed with a wide range of systemic and external antifungal medicines in various dosage forms. This study aims to analyze the main characteristics of the assortment of antifungal medicines in the Russian pharmaceutical market. Materials and methods: the Antifungal medicines market (represented by 1,432 medicines), statistical analysis, comparative analysis, content analysis, graphical method. Results and discussion: During the study, the authors analyzed the Russian pharmaceutical market for antifungal medicines. The market structure was studied by various indicators: by belonging to antifungal medicines to a specific pharmacotherapeutic group, according to the anatomical classification of the European pharmaceutical market research association, analysis of medicines by composition, chemical structure, dosage form, producing countries, for sales in the pharmaceutical market. This article includes an up-to-date classification of antifungal medicines, including medicines registered in the 2019 state medicines register. Conclusion: Fungal infections are widespread among the Russian population. In terms of their clinical pathology, they are quite common among both adults and children. The prevalence of these diseases and the complexity of their treatment will solve the multifaceted problems associated with the development and production of medicines, improving supply, and providing information support to specialists in the field of health care. The knowledge gained about different types of antifungal medicines that will allow people to optimize the number of registered names, avoid ordering unnecessary medicines to treat these pathologies and improve the quality of pharmaceutical care.

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