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Table of Contents
Volume 13 | Issue 2 - 2023
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Naproxen sodium influence, excipients and the dissolution medium on the swelling of the tablets
  p. 1-5
Hassan Ali Alhmoud
Views: 399
Downloads: 168
Improvement in knowledge and perception about the controlling of COVID-19: best practice of apothecary student
  p. 6-11
Chynthia Pradiftha Sari
Views: 193
Downloads: 56
Topical interferon alpha-2b is a proper alternative for management of adenoviral keratitis: A case report
  p. 12-15
Mitra Akbari
Views: 117
Downloads: 35
Interprofessional education in pharmacogenomics: perspective of pharmacy and nursing students
  p. 16-23
Dyah Aryani Perwitasari
Views: 155
Downloads: 47
Basic principles of pharmacotherapy of diseases of the visual organs
  p. 24-28
Madina Sabirovna Mislishayeva
Views: 219
Downloads: 50
Drug-related problems in elderly patients with diabetes: A study in primary health care setting
  p. 29-34
Indriastuti Cahyaningsih
Views: 166
Downloads: 47
Study of blood-ocular barrier permeability by Fluoroquinolone group drugs
  p. 35-42
Arzigul Hamidovna Yahyaeva
Views: 172
Downloads: 40
Ruta graveolens methanol extract, fungal-mediated biosynthesized silver nanoparticles, and their combinations inhibit pathogenic bacteria
  p. 43-52
Nedaa Fawzi Husein
Views: 179
Downloads: 59
Prescribing and patient care indicators for drug use evaluation at primary healthcare centers in Indonesia
  p. 53-58
Larasati Arrum Kusumawardani
Views: 146
Downloads: 55
Evaluation of HBeAg and HBV viral load among general population of district Bannu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
  p. 59-63
Aamir Khan
Views: 134
Downloads: 36
GC-MS analysis of the bioactive phytochemical compounds with anticancer activity in the Capparis cartilaginea fruit extracts
  p. 64-70
Hala Salim Sonbol
Views: 148
Downloads: 54
In-Vitro bioactivity testing of Medicago sativa L. leaf for anti-microbial, and cytotoxicity screening against Vero cells
  p. 71-77
Makhele Thapelo Simon
Views: 154
Downloads: 45
Pemphigus vulgaris and infections - A retrospective study
  p. 78-82
Lindita Agolli
Views: 103
Downloads: 36
The distribution of Kolb’s learning style in college students from different family backgrounds
  p. 83-91
Jian Zhou
Views: 88
Downloads: 25
Application of ABTS method for assessment of radical-binding effect of Creatine monohydrate
  p. 92-98
Dobrina Tsvetkova
Views: 125
Downloads: 31
Analysis of the effectiveness of complex pharmacotherapy using antibacterial agents and immunomodulators for bronchial pneumonia
  p. 99-106
Lana Maratovna Kokoeva
Views: 138
Downloads: 29
Treatment of allergic rhinitis: a review of homeopathic therapy
  p. 107-117
Yarnykh Tatyana
Views: 107
Downloads: 36
Regular donor characteristics, inter-donation interval and the presence of subclinical anemia – A 3-year observational single-center study
  p. 118-123
Teguh Triyono
Views: 88
Downloads: 23
Efficacy and safety of vigabatrin as an initial therapy for tuberous sclerosis-associated infantile spasms
  p. 124-127
Naim Zeka
Views: 85
Downloads: 25
Late-Onset Stargardt disease; a clinical condition may be misdiagnosed: a case report
  p. 128-130
Esmaeil Babaei
Views: 53
Downloads: 18
Categorical stress predictors in higher education students amidst remote learning in COVID-19 pandemic
  p. 131-139
Edgar E. Carpio-Vargas
Views: 153
Downloads: 25
Bioavailability study of Posaconazole in rats after oral Poloxamer P188 Nano-micelles and oral Posaconazole pure drug
  p. 140-143
Alaa Abdulelah Abdulqader
Views: 96
Downloads: 34
Prevalence of potentially inappropriate medications in psychogeriatric patients in Indonesia based on the beers 2019 criteria
  p. 144-149
Yosi Febrianti
Views: 38
Downloads: 11
Determination of radical scavenging activity of Creatine lysinate against methanol solutions of ABTS
  p. 150-155
Dobrina Tsvetkova
Views: 20
Downloads: 5
Implementation of cost containment strategy in pharmacy: A literature review
  p. 156-165
Oskar Skarayadi
Views: 6
Downloads: 3

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