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Table of Contents
Volume 12 | Issue 3 - 2022
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Community pharmacy brief screening intervention to improve health outcomes for patients diagnosed with chronic diseases
  p. 1-8
Olutayo Arikawe
Views: 56
Downloads: 18
Factors influencing the dissolution behavior of meloxicam dispersions
  p. 9-14
Ameerah Abdulelah Radhi
Views: 38
Downloads: 16
Hippotherapy and its effect on behavioral and executive disorders in children with autism spectrum disorder
  p. 15-20
Rafat Rezapour-Nasrabad
Views: 53
Downloads: 8
Analysis of effectiveness of the use of multifunctional biopolymers of chitosan and alginate in dentistry
  p. 21-27
Razin Mirzekerimovich Ragimov
Views: 57
Downloads: 14
The effect of red ginger bread consumption on the physiological parameters of healthy subjects
  p. 28-35
Titin Sulastri
Views: 56
Downloads: 9
Pharmacoepidemiological study of the use of e-pharmacies by the population
  p. 36-43
Mariia Sergeevna Soboleva
Views: 41
Downloads: 5
Comparative study of cannabinoid receptor 2 agonist and dexamethasone in experimentally induced rheumatoid arthritis
  p. 44-53
Rania Khalil Moustafa
Views: 23
Downloads: 7
Is there an alternative therapy for refractory vernal keratoconjunctivitis?
  p. 54-58
Mitra Akbari
Views: 22
Downloads: 6
Genomic divergence of Hepatitis C virus towards common prescribed interferon regimens on sustained virologic response (SVR)
  p. 59-64
Lienda Bashier Eltayeb
Views: 30
Downloads: 4
Effects of Hydroxychloroquine on markers of oxidative stress and antioxidant reserve in rheumatoid arthritis patients
  p. 65-71
Rawaa Jassim Ahmed
Views: 26
Downloads: 5
Endocannabinoid system components: A crucial role in regulation of disease
  p. 72-81
Nahed Sail Alharthi
Views: 44
Downloads: 10
Factors affecting the academic performance of low-and high-performing dental students: evidence from Japan
  p. 82-86
Jung Hui Lee
Views: 31
Downloads: 7
Vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) isolated from hospitalized patients: Molecular characterization of the van B gene
  p. 87-92
Lienda Bashier Eltayeb
Views: 39
Downloads: 5
Influence of interdental hygiene products on periodontal pathogens according to indicators of hygienic indices
  p. 93-98
Zarina Ushangievna Sakaeva
Views: 61
Downloads: 9
Technology of forming the moral culture of preschool children in the conditions of modernization
  p. 99-106
Zhanat Karmanova
Views: 69
Downloads: 10
Evaluation of antioxidant and antipyretic effects of ethanolic extract of Cep-cepan leaves (Castanopsis costata (Blume) A.DC)
  p. 107-112
Maulana Yusuf Alkandahri
Views: 78
Downloads: 22
Hepatoprotective effect of Olea europaea L. seeds extracts against methotrexate induced liver injury in mice
  p. 113-121
Nada Sahib Shaker
Views: 42
Downloads: 13

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