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Table of Contents
Volume 9 | Issue 3 - 2019
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Preparation of Al-doped NiO thin films by spray pyrolysis technique for CO gas sensing
  p. 1-6
Yahya M. Abdul-Hussein
The international experience study of organization of medical and pharmaceutical care to the population in emergency situations
  p. 7-12
Alla A. Kotvitska
The effect of long term treatment with betablockers in increasing the incidence of bradycardia in patients undergoing posterior segment eye surgeries
  p. 13-16
Mohammad Ramadan
Studying the Airborne Fungi of some rooms in the internal ‎sections of Mosul university campus and the Possibility of using ‎Sage plants to control it
  p. 17-22
Maha Akram Al-Rejaboo
Effect of Phytobiotic fodder additives based on Water-Ethanol extract of Echinacea Purpurea ‎on the ‎qualitative characteristics of rabbit meat ‎
  p. 23-27
Sergey Nikolaevich Rassolov
Efficacy of Kinesio tape on pressure pain threshold and normalized resting Myoelectric activity on upper Trapezius Myofascial Trigger points
  p. 28-33
Alshaymaa S Abd El-Azeim
Motivation sources study of pharmacy specialists within their cooperation with the pharmacy
  p. 34-40
Valentin Tolochko
Effect of treadmill-walking training with Deep Breathing Exercises on pulmonary functions in Patients with Parkinson’s disease
  p. 41-45
Faten Mohamed Elnozhe
Effect of Quinoa seeds against Cisplatin toxicity in female rats
  p. 46-52
Hany Mohamed Ahmed Wahba
Sitagliptin attenuates cognitive impairment in the rat model of Aluminum-induced ‎Alzheimer’s disease ‎
  p. 53-61
Afaf Sayed Osman
Study of social and Epidemiological Indicators of tuberculosis in the European region
  p. 62-67
Iuliia V. Korzh
Instruments to form doctor’s loyalty to visits of medical representative
  p. 68-75
Ludmila A. Lobuteva
Prescription evaluation practice by final year pharmacy students
  p. 76-79
Elham Alshammari
The colorimetric method for determination of total Alkaloids and Flavonoids ‎content in Indonesian black nightshade (Solanum nigrum L.)‎
  p. 80-84
Nyi Mekar Saptarini
Intra versus extra-thoracic oscillations in chronic obstructive Pulmonary disease (A ‎randomized clinical trial)‎
  p. 85-90
Alaa M. Mohamed
Evaluation of the effect of flavonoids isolated from Spinacia oleracea leaves on pituitary-‎adrenal ovarian axis in mice treated with doxorubicin
  p. 91-95
Huda F. Hasan ‎
Aloe Vera protect the Rat's Lung after Cigarettes Smoke inducement: ‎A histological study
  p. 96-100
Nur Atik
Evaluation of a new baby food prepared from Opuntia‎ficusindica fruit in Wistar rats with either calcium deficient ‎or vitamin A depletion
  p. 101-108
Maha Hanafy Mahmoud
The Preparation and Storage Time of Red Ginger (Zingiber officinale var. Rubrum)-‎supplemented Bread‎
  p. 109-114
Titin Sulastri
A comprehensive approach to faculty members’ promotion policies
  p. 115-122
Mohsen Azimi Nezhad1
Analysis of handling practice with unused medicines in home first aid kits of the Ukrainian households
  p. 123-127
Iana О. Proskurova
The study of problems and prospects of the pharmacy network development in ‎Ukraine in the context of changing approaches to the state regulation in the retail ‎segment of the national pharmaceutical market‎
  p. 128-135
Hanna Panfilova
Novel potential therapeutic role of Interleukins 2&12 and taurine combination against human hepatoma cells propagated EX-Vivo
  p. 136-144
Tareq H. Jorob
The impact of pressure ulcer training program on Nurses’ performance over the pressure ulcer prevention at intensive care unit
  p. 145-149
Masoumeh Sardari
The government regulation of medicine provision for patients with high-cost nosologies in Russia
  p. 150-154
Elena R. Zakharochkina
Effect of integrated exercise program on posture in Idiopathic Scoliosis
  p. 155-158
Mahmoud Ibrahim Elsayed Aly

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