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Table of Contents
Volume 7 | Issue 3 - 2017
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Comprehensive review on various types of medical devices used in hospitals
  p. 171-174
Palani Shanmugasundaram
Caralluma fimbriata - Pharmacological review
  p. 175-177
Saftar Asmi
A review on green tea catechins in oral health management
  p. 178-181
T. Lakshmi
Herbal care for dental plaque-induced gingivitis: A review
  p. 182-186
T. Lakshmi
Therapeutic aspects of taxifolin – An update
  p. 187-189
K. Saftar Asmi
Orlistat - an anti-obesity drug - An overview
  p. 190-193
Ankita Taltia
Effects of social media on cognitive behavior among dental graduates
  p. 194-196
V. Deepika
Effects of mushroom on dental caries
  p. 197-199
Shamit Thaper
Antiurolithiatic activity of phytochemical extracts: A review
  p. 200-203
T. Lakshmi
MED-PDB: An online database of medicinal plants
  p. 204-207
Bhakti Sargia
Management of perforation - A review
  p. 208-211
Mahalakshmi Nandakumar
Protocols for use of biologics in oral diseases
  p. 212-215
Lakshmi Prabha
Therapeutics in neuropathic pain - An overview
  p. 216-221
M. Subha
Comparative evaluation of upper lip length and the commissural height in Chennai population
  p. 222-223
M. Namratha
Awareness of conventional risk factors among dental professionals – A survey
  p. 224-226
K. Pavithra
Awareness of herbal mouthwash for dental caries among schoolchildren: A cross-sectional study
  p. 227-231
Ruksana Sheik
Comparison of coronal microleakage of three temporary restorative material using dye penetration methods
  p. 232-235
S. Deepak
Comparative evaluation of dentinal cracks and detachments after instrumentation with hand and rotary files at various instrumentation lengths: An in vitro study
  p. 236-239
S. G. Khirtika
Effect of high temperature on crowns as post-endodontic restoration in forensic analysis: An in vitro study
  p. 240-243
S. G. Khirtika
Knowledge, attitude, and practice regarding dental unit waterline disinfection among dental practitioners of India
  p. 244-247
Shivashankar Kengadaran
Dermatoglyphics: A tool in dentistry
  p. 248-252
Shruthi Chandrasekaran
Antipyretic activity of Pterolobium hexapetalum (Roth.) Sant. and Wagh. Stem bark extracts
  p. 253-255
B. Kavitha
Effect of high temperatures on root canal obturation – an aid in forensic identifications
  p. 256-258
Aishwarya Ranganath
An evidence-based decision analysis approach on tooth discoloration
  p. 259-262
Aishwarya Ranganath
Antimicrobial efficacy of calcium hydroxide, propolis, and Aloe vera as intracanal medicament - A review
  p. 263-266
J. Sowjanyaa
Comparative evaluation of the efficacy of smear layer removal by ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, Triphala, and German chamomile as irrigants - A scanning electron microscopy study
  p. 267-271
J. Sowjanyaa
Novel anticancerous compounds from Sargassum wightii: In silico and in vitro approaches to test the antiproliferative efficacy
  p. 272-277
S. M. Fazeela Mahaboob Begum
Study to explore the significance of saliva as a diagnostic tool to detect Micro RNA in oral potentially malignant disorders
  p. 278-282
T.N.Uma Maheshwari
Importance of isolation in restoring non-carious cervical lesions
  p. 283-286
S. Haripriya
Knowledge, attitude, and practice survey on isolation techniques and its importance in restoring non-carious cervical lesions among general practitioners in Chennai
  p. 287-290
S. Haripriya
Fracture resistance of three posterior restorative materials: A preliminary in vitro study
  p. 291-294
Swati Mohanty
Incidence of level IV nodal metastasis in oral squamous cell carcinoma - A retrospective study in South Indian patients presenting in an oral cancer institute (2016-2017)
  p. 300-302
A. Melvin George
Interdisciplinary management of large periapical lesion: A case report
  p. 303-307
Swati Mohanty
Inhibition of RagB gene using herbal compounds in the treatment of primary endodontic pathogenesis caused by Porphyromonas species - An in silico study
  p. 308-312
T. Vigneshwar
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Block Survey on Two Different Technique of Giving Inferior Alveolar Nerve
  p. 313-315
Vandana Singh
Occurrence of tooth wear in controlled and uncontrolled diabetic patients - An observational study
  p. 316-319
Archana Venugopal
Knowledge, attitude, and practice survey on the use of dental operating microscope in endodontics: A cross-sectional survey
  p. 320-322
M. Karthick Auswin
Comparison of antioxidant activity of in vivo and in vitro leaf explants of Piper longum
  p. 323-325
Sudipta Banerjee
Comparative analysis on effect of antibacterial activity of Piper longum leaf explants in vivo on Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis
  p. 326-328
Sudipta Banerjee
Intramuscular arteriovenous malformation of masseter - A case report
  p. 329-332
Archana Venugopal
Cu-sil denture for patients with few remaining teeth - A case report
  p. 333-335
Ashish R. Jain
Iatrogenic perforation repaired – A case report
  p. 336-339
S. Deepak
Top Management of horizontal root fractures at various levels: A case series
  p. 340-344
James David Raj
Truss access new conservative approach on access opening of a lower molar: A case report
  p. 345-348
M. Karthick Auswin
Taurodontism a challenge in endodontics: A case report
  p. 349-351
T. Vigneshwar Sambandam
A case report on management of grossly decayed radix entomolaris in mandibular second molar
  p. 352-354
Swati Mohanty
Surgical management of a periapical lesion with platelet-rich fibrin - A case report
  p. 355-357
Aishwarya Ranganath
Management of radix endomolaris and paramolaris in mandibular molars: A case series
  p. 358-362
S. G. Khirtika
Awareness on usage of cone-beam computed tomography as a tool in endodontic diagnosis among dental practitioners
  p. 363-367
J. Sowjanyaa
Knowledge, attitude, and practice of dental students and practitioners on shade matching of anterior teeth
  p. 368-370
T. Vigneshwar Sambandam

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