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Comparison of coronal microleakage of three temporary restorative material using dye penetration methods

S. Deepak , M. S. Nivedhitha


Determination of the success or failure of root canal therapy can be carried out through an ideal temporary restorative material which is considered as a major factor considering the issue. Temporary restorative material prevents the entry of saliva, fluids, microorganisms, and debris into the root canal space. In addition, they also prevent the escape of intracanal medicaments. The aim of this in vitro study was to compare the coronal seal of three temporary filling materials (Cavit-G, zinc oxide eugenol [ZOE], and Intermediate Restorative Material [IRM]) by methylene blue dye penetration test. In this study, 34 extracted with no decay mandibular and maxillary molar teeth were used. The teeth were divided into three groups of 10 teeth and two positive and negative control groups of 4 teeth. In the experimental group, 4 × 4 mm endodontic access cavity was created on the occlusal surface, and in each group, the teeth were filled with Cavit-G, ZOE, and IRM. In the positive control group, access cavity was prepared, but the restorative material was not used. In the negative control group, access cavity was not prepared. Experimental groups (teeth) were placed in normal saline for 2 h and then immersed in methylene blue dye for 1 week. Following which longitudinal sectioning of tooth was done with diamond disc and dye penetration was measured using a periodontal probe. ZOE showed significantly more (micro) leakage than Cavit-G and IRM. No statistically significant difference between Cavit-G and IRM. The findings of this in vitro study suggest that Cavit-G and IRM show low microleakage and canal contamination in comparison to ZOE and IRM.

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