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Table of Contents
Volume 13 | Issue 1 - 2023
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Effects of the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass on DM and renal function in obese patients
  p. 1-5
Ahmad Nezhadrahim
Views: 60
Downloads: 21
Perceptions of pharmacy students towards online learning during COVID-19 pandemic in Saudi Arabia
  p. 6-14
Mustafa Saleh Saeed
Views: 44
Downloads: 15
Flupirtine’s anticonvulsant role +/- celecoxib versus diazepam on induced generalized seizures and status epilepticus in mice
  p. 15-30
Veronia Fawzy Fahim
Views: 30
Downloads: 5
The influence of extraction temperature and time on antiradical activity and total phenolic extract of Ceciwis
  p. 31-34
Heru Nurcahyo
Views: 34
Downloads: 10
Molecular detection of some Gram-negative bacterial species using folp gene sequences
  p. 35-41
Mohamed Mohamed Adel El-Sokkary
Views: 23
Downloads: 7
Relative frequency of inherited retinal disorders in Khuzestan province, southern Iran
  p. 42-45
Mostafa Feghhi
Views: 22
Downloads: 4
Sirih (Piper betle) folium as new candidate for anti-herpes virus: In-silico study
  p. 46-50
Resmi Mustarichie
Views: 25
Downloads: 6
Possible renoprotective effect of valsartan/sacubitril versus valsartan and Metformin in rat model of diabetic nephropathy
  p. 51-61
Dina Ibrahim Tawfik
Views: 17
Downloads: 3
Innovative and motivational SDT-based approach to promote Iranian women's physical activity
  p. 62-65
Mohamad Ezati Asar
Views: 25
Downloads: 9
Consumers’ knowledge, attitude and practice of respiratory symptoms self-medication in community pharmacy during COVID-19 pandemic
  p. 66-72
Deisy Deisy
Views: 39
Downloads: 11
Drug choice to lowering risk contiguity with Morbus Hansen disease: A review article
  p. 73-79
Nanda Rachmad Putra Gofur
Views: 32
Downloads: 7
Traditional medicinal herbs for healthiness and fitness during the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia: literature review
  p. 80-92
Nutrisia Aquariushinta Sayuti
Views: 25
Downloads: 5
Distance education in the higher educational institutions of the ministry of internal affairs
  p. 93-99
Vitalii Pokaichuk
Views: 31
Downloads: 5
Hypolipidemic activity of Ceciwis ethanol extract on wistar rats induced by high fat in vivo
  p. 100-104
Heru Nurcahyo
Views: 34
Downloads: 12
Parenting stress and social support in mothers of children with disability in Ardabil, 2020
  p. 105-110
Seyedeh Marzieh Ghanizadeh
Views: 15
Downloads: 3
Beta-sitosterol from sablo (Acalypha wilkesiana Muell. Arg.) leaves induce apoptosis in MCF-7 Breast cancer cell lines
  p. 111-115
Eli Halimah
Views: 16
Downloads: 4
Pharmacokinetic parameters of ondansetron in rats after oral solution and transdermal invasomes gel: A comparison study
  p. 116-121
Omar Saeb Salih
Views: 27
Downloads: 10
Assessment of the impact of different rheumatoid arthritis stages on the quality of life of a sample of Iraqi patients
  p. 122-126
Khdair Sura Abbas
Views: 32
Downloads: 7
Fimasartan attenuates edema and systemic changes in egg albumin-induced paw inflammation in rats
  p. 127-133
Safa Mustafa Najim
Views: 36
Downloads: 12
Research on the treatment of settling sediments in the production process of Ich mau extracts
  p. 134-141
Thoai Dang Nguyen
Views: 26
Downloads: 8

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