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Table of Contents
Volume 9 | Issue 4 - 2019
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Legal regulation of the EU pharmaceutical market and the possibility of implementing the European experience in Ukraine
  p. 1-8
Ruslan S. Fyl
Expression of Micro RNAs 206 and 133b and serum IL-17 levels in preeclamptic females
  p. 9-13
Ayman M Hany
Cawthorne Cooksey versus vestibular habituation exercises on trunk kinetics and velocity of gait in patients with multiple sclerosis
  p. 14-18
Hosam M. M. A. Alhamid
Cost-effectivity of standardized-herbal medicine for DHF inpatients in a Primary Health Center
  p. 19-23
Zainal Arifin
The Editors of Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education and Research have retracted the publication entitled “Characteristics of B doped ZnO thin films deposited on n and p-type porous silicon for NH3 and CO gas sensing” (Jabbar et al., 2019) following concerns stemming from misquoting and, accordingly, faulty characterization of key literature cited.
  p. 24-28
Rashid Hashim Jabbar
The effect of low frequency neuromuscular stimulation on sympathetic activity in ‎advanced heart failure‎
  p. 29-35
Donia M Elmasry
A qualitative study about attrition in medical and other health sciences schools
  p. 36-38
Fatemeh Kamali
Efficacy of aerobic training on pulmonary functions and depression in elderly COPD patients
  p. 39-45
Gaber Sayed Soliman
SCL11A1 Gene Polymorphism and susceptibility to Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Al-Najaf province-Iraq
  p. 46-48
Luma H. Ali
Effect of aerobic exercises on the thyroid hormones in treated hypothyroid pregnant women
  p. 49-53
Menna Allah Mohammed Abbas
Measurement of knowledge risk factors of Lung Cancer disease in ‎salted-fish-traders at Pangandaran Indonesia
  p. 54-59
Ia Nurmayanti
Circulation of Immunobiologicals in the Russian market
  p. 60-64
Nana U. Bekhorashvili
The clinical and immunological rationale for the use of prolonged action ‎dental ointment in periodontology
  p. 65-69
Albina I. Bulgakova
Health care system in the USSR (through the example of the Kirov ‎region
  p. 70-75
Zemfira V. Gallyamova
Marketing analysis of the required drugs in pharmacies ‎
  p. 76-82
Rimma Y. Garankina
Utilization and cost minimization study of antihypertensive drugs in primary healthcare center
  p. 83-88
The long-term effect of smartphone overuse on Cervical Posture and range of motion in asymptomatic sedentary adults
  p. 89-95
Sara Mohamed Samir
Learning difficulties facing individuals with Multiple Sclerosis: pharmacy students’ experience
  p. 96-99
Elham Alshammari
The Relation between sleep quality and primary dysmenorrhea Students University of medical sciences Shahroud
  p. 100-104
Mazlomeh Hamzekhani
Comparison of Methadone Level Measurement by Enzyme Immunoassay with Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry
  p. 105-108
Mehdi Forouzesh
Prothrombin (Factor II) deficiency as a rare bleeding disorder
  p. 109-113
Mohammed A. Albalawi‎

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