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The clinical and immunological rationale for the use of prolonged action ‎dental ointment in periodontology

Albina I. Bulgakova , Nadezhda A. Vasilyeva , Eduard ‎A. Vasilyev


The purpose of this study was to provide a clinical and immunological rationale for the use of prolonged action dental ointment in periodontology. Study methods: clinical and anamnestic methods; the indices included oral hygiene (OHI-S), periodontal diseases (PI), papillary, marginal, and alveolar (PMA); laboratory indices were quantitative and qualitative content of spontaneously released mixed saliva, its total protein, secretory immunoglobulin A (sIgA), and lysozyme content. The authors have established the high clinical efficacy of using an experimentally developed ointment based on anesthesin, metronidazole and, for the first time, an extract of larvae of a greater wax moth (Galleria mellonella) as active substances in combination with additional high-molecular compounds of prolonged action in the complex therapy of inflammatory periodontal diseases. The evaluation of local immunity has shown the followings: an increase in the production of mixed saliva in comparison with the initial data by 2.6 times, the recovery of saliva production, an increase of 1 ml above the control level, an increase in the protein level, lysozyme concentration (1.8 times), and sIgA concentration (by 39%) compared to the initial data. The results of the study showed that the inclusion of prolonged action of dental ointment in the local inflammatory periodontal disease therapy has been an effective means of correcting defects of clinical and laboratory rates of local immunity, which has made it possible to recommend the introduction of a new promising dosage form in practical periodontology‎‎‎.

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