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Table of Contents
Volume 10 | Issue 4 - 2020
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The effectiveness of mixing Papaya leaves decoction and Zink tablet to reduce Dysmenorrhea
  p. 1-3
Mundarti Mundarti
Effect of chronic Allopurinol therapy on Thyroid function in patients with urate stones
  p. 4-7
Ibrahim M. Faisal
Effect of pharmacist counseling on adherence and blood pressure of hypertensive Prolanis patients in sixteenprimary healthcare centers
  p. 8-14
Free radical scavenging and biological activity of leaves and roots of Thymelaeahirsuta, collected from Algeria
  p. 15-20
Karouche Saida
Persistent limbal nodule in vernal keratoconjunctivitis that was improved with topical tacrolimus: A case report
  p. 21-24
Mitra Akbari
The role of family in assisting the recovery of patients suffering from Tuberculosis
  p. 25-28
Aisyah Lahdji
Mama Rumi ecological route and its tourism potential, for the community development of the Telimbela parish, Ecuador
  p. 29-36
‎Rolando Camacho
Assessment of thyroid gland function by evaluating of TSH, FT3 and FT4 hormones in untreated cancer patients
  p. 37-42
Mazen Almehmadi
905nm Laser Diode and Platelet-rich plasma in the Treatment of the Second-degree Hamstring tear
  p. 43-47
Omar Medhat Hagag
Investigating the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy on the occupational stress in midwives working in delivery wards
  p. 48-56
Fatemeh Karaminejad
Analysis of the Ukrainian market of medicines for gastrointestinal disorders treatment
  p. 57-63
Olha V. Buriak
Effect of some plant oils on swarming motility and Biofilm formation in Proteus, Aeromonas, and Pseudomonas
  p. 64-71
‎Yusra Y. Agha
Research in Traffic Injuries Data With Emphasis on Motorcycle in Dezful, Iran
  p. 72-78
Mazaheri M
Assesment of legalon on kidney functions and Lipids profile in broiler chickens exposed to Hydrogen Peroxide
  p. 79-86
Alaa Hashim AlMoula
Aspects of improving the regulatory system of pharmaceutical products in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  p. 87-92
K.E. Tairova
Effect of physical activity level on vitamin D in teenagers
  p. 93-97
Lamiaa Elsayyad
Comparative clinicoradiologic research study of the tunnel plastics of multiple gingival recessions with Autograft and Xenogen Collagen matrix
  p. 98-104
Vedyaeva A.P.
Low-Level laser Diode on post modified Radical Mastectomy Lymphedema: a randomized controlled trial
  p. 105-109
Hussein Gamal Hussein Mogahed
The relationship of emotional intelligence with self efficacy in midwives working in maternity blocks in Khuzestan
  p. 110-114
Maryam Alipour
A new method of diagnosis and treatment of Arthritis (Joints Influenza)
  p. 115-117
Hesham Jaber Alnoor
Digital environment components for the formation of students’ information and analytical skills
  p. 118-125
N.A. Belousova
Prevalence of depression in women with preterm delivery in Jahrom city 2018
  p. 126-131
Masoomeh Najafi
Enhanced antibacterial activity of Ciprofloxacin ocular inserts against S. aureus and P. Aeruginosa
  p. 132-134
Samar Z. Alshawwa
Clinical particularities of a new Coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in children
  p. 135-139
Irina M. Farber
The role of Amino Acids in improving immunity and growth factors of Volleyball players
  p. 140-144
Mohammed Nader Shalaby
Assessment of the correlation between Plasma level of Chemerin and inflammatory markers in end-stage renal disease patients undergoing Hemodialysis
  p. 145-149
Mehdi Mahmudpour
Investigating the relationship between feeling guilty and thought-action fusion by mediating obsessive-compulsive disorder and scrupulosity
  p. 150-154
Saman Abdollahzadeh Davani
Some aspects of the use of Hypnotherapy and Dehypnosis for the remission of psychosomatic diseases ‎
  p. 158-161
Andrei Efremov
Methods for determining the class of owners of noble enterprises at the early 20th century
  p. 162-168
Konstantin Nikolaevich Kurkov
The transformative changes of inclusive education in Ukraine
  p. 169-173
Nadia Ivanivna Lutsan

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