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Toxicity assessment of the selenium nanoparticles in vitro

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The negative effects of nanoparticles include cytotoxicity, the development of nonspecific inflammatory reactions and oxidative stress, and oncogenicity. In this regard, the assessment of the toxicity of nanoparticles is becoming increasingly relevant. Selenium nanoparticles were selected for the experiment. Acceptable ranges of nanoparticle concentrations for various research methods have been determined in experiments. In the MTT test, the average lethal concentration of selenium nanoparticles for cells of the A549 line and the FL subline practically coincided and amounted to 1.3 and 1 mg/ml, respectively, which is an order of magnitude higher than the average lethal concentration for human lymphocytes. In an experiment on rat cardiomyocytes, the LC50 of selenium nanoparticles was determined at the level of 8 µg/ml. In an experiment on cells of the A549 line, the suitability of trypan blue staining was evaluated to determine the number of dead (with impaired membrane permeability) cells. The number of dead cells, determined by the number of stained cells, turned out to be somewhat overestimated compared to the results of calculating the difference between living cells in the control and the experiment after flushing rounded and detached cells. When studying the effect of nanomaterials on the integrity of the cell membrane, it was found that the activity of LDH at maximum concentrations of nanomaterials increased by 1.5 times.

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Budagova SO, Nadvodnyk GV, Belskaia PA, Obukhova AA, Lebedev IG, Osmanov RM, et al. Toxicity assessment of the selenium nanoparticles in vitro. J Adv Pharm Educ Res. 2023;13(3):39-45. https://doi.org/10.51847/4i6JD9deHL
Budagova, S. O., Nadvodnyk, G. V., Belskaia, P. A., Obukhova, A. A., Lebedev, I. G., Osmanov, R. M., Dzhumaev, G. T., & Agarzaev, M. M. (2023). Toxicity assessment of the selenium nanoparticles in vitro. Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education and Research, 13(3), 39-45. https://doi.org/10.51847/4i6JD9deHL
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