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Influence of Raphanussativus seeds on sperm parameters of domestic rabbit (Oryctolaguscuniculus) in cadmium-induced toxicity

Moumen Yasmina, Abdennour Cherif, Benbott Amel, Djemil Randa, Khiel Saida, Hamadouche Nadira


The present study was conducted to determine the possible protective effect of ethanol extract of radish (Raphanussativus; Rs) seeds on reproductive markers of local male rabbits (Oryctolaguscuniculus) intoxicate by cadmium (Cd). Twenty adult rabbits were divided into equally four groups; the control, the CdSO4 (0.15 mg/kg bw), the Rs (15 mg/kg bw) and the combined group (Cd-Rs). The Cd and the Rs were administrated daily by gavage for a period of four weeks, and then the reproductive organs’ weight, the plasma testosterone, and the biology of sperms were evaluated. The results showed the toxic effect of Cd manifested by the significant decrease of the relative weights of reproductive organs (testis and epididymis) and plasma testosterone level, accompanied with the spermatozoa concentration, speed and motility. However, in the Rs positive group, a remarkable rise in the biology of spermatozoa, the organs’ relative weights, and the testosterone concentration were recorded. On the other hand, the previous markers in the Cd-Rs group were almost identical to the control, except the spermatozoa concentration which was significantly higher, demonstrating the beneficial use of the extract. The histological profiles revealed some changes in the spermatogenesis and the organs’ architecture such as the absence of spermatid phase, the narrowing of seminiferous walls, and the increase in the interstitial space of Cd-treated rabbits. Contrary, the histology of organs showed less deteriorations in the Cd-Rs group, indicating the preventive activity of the radish seed ethanol extract towards cadmium induced toxicity.

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