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Rectal methods of delivery of medical drugs with a protein nature in the therapies of tumor disease

Jandos Ukibayev , Ubaidilla Datkhayev , Diyas Myrzakozha , Alexander Frantsev , Elmira Karlova , Yelena Nechepurenko , Didara Balpanova , Alma Almabekova


The object of the study was rectal and/or vaginal suppositories (suppositories), intended for delivery to the patient's body of naturally occurring IgG antibodies of the type capable of inducing a specific antibody-complement-dependent lysis of any tumor cells (antibody phenomenon-complement-dependent lysis). Intravenous injection of protein drugs causes many negative side effects known as infusion reactions and serious consequences, such as serum sickness. This article shows the possibility of intake into the body of recipients of drug preparations of protein nature in the form of rectal suppositories. The use of rectal forms of protein preparations has a number of significant advantages compared with injectable forms. They are more effective than injectable forms since their active molecules are less exposed to the destructive action of liver enzymes. Rectal forms of protein preparations are easy to use for children and elderly patients; they are absolutely safe for nosocomial infections such as syphilis, hepatitis, HIV, etc. Moreover, they are simpler in the technology of their manufacture. The purpose of this work was to study the possibility of delivering protein compounds to the recipient organism by rectally introducing the recipient into the organism, using the example of antitumor immunoglobulins (antibodies) that are aimed at anti-genes of cells, as well as reducing the infusion reactions of the immune system.

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Ukibayev J, Datkhayev U, Myrzakozha D, Frantsev A, Karlova E, Nechepurenko Y et al. Rectal methods of delivery of medical drugs with a protein nature in the therapies of tumor disease. J Adv Pharm Educ Res 2021;11(1):18-22
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