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Toll like receptor 7 & 8 gene variations and sustained virological response in Hepatitis C Virus Patients treated with interferon

Embaby, M., Shaker, O., Abd El Aziz, G., Rashad, A., Yousri, A.


Objective: Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is an important etiology of chronic liver diseases. Polymorphisms in the toll like receptor 7 & 8 genes are important in predicting the suitability of HCV infection and response to interferon treatment. This study aimed to detect the effect of single nucleotide polymorphisms on both TLR-7(rs179009) and TLR8 (rs3764879) genes in HCV infected patients with interferon therapy. Methods: The study included 190 chronic hepatitis C patients with interferon therapy and 60 healthy subjects. HCV quantitation by real time PCR, DNA extraction from whole blood for detection of SNP of TLR7&8 by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and all allelic discrimination (AD) of the TLR-7 and TLR-8 SNPs were performed. Results: Concerning, TLR7, there was a higher significant difference between HCV patients and control females as regards GG, and G allele, p= (0.030 and 0.001), and there was a lower significant difference between responders and non-responder females considering GG, AG and G allele, p= (0.006, 0.007 and 0.012). There were no significant differences in males. Concerning TLR8, higher significant differences were found between HCV and control group considering C allele (p= 0.006) in females. The reverse was found in responders and non-responders, and there was a lower significant difference between both groups of males regarding GC and C allele p= (0.002 and 0.019). No difference was found in females. Conclusion: The variations in TLR7 and TLR8 genes impair immune responses during HCV infection, and affect responding to interferon treatment, implying a gender-specific effect of this X-chromosomal variation.

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