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Simultaneous determination of berberine and ß- sitosterol in the leaf extracts of Naravelia zeylanica by analytical methods and their in vitro Anti diabetic activity

Jayaprakasam Rajendran Asha Jyothi Liji Jacob Sruthi Vinod Ravi Thengungal Kochupappy


The intension of the present work is to perform the simultaneous analysis of marker compounds (berberine and β- sitosterol) in Naravelia zeylanica by HPTLC and HPLC methods and evaluation of their in vitro antidiabetic activity. The successive extraction of leaves of Naravelia zeylanica was carried out by using soxhlet apparartus. In HPTLC, the separation was achieved using toluene: chloroform: methanol (3:4:3%v/v/v) as mobile phase and detection at 345nm. Linearity was observed in the concentration range of 300-400ng/spot for berberine and β- sitosterol. In HPLC, the separation was achieved by using acetonitrile : water (80:20%v/v) and photodiode array detection was done at 266nm. Linearity was observed in the concentration range of 40-80μg/ml for berberine and β- sitosterol. The proposed methods were validated as per ICH guidelines. The antidiabetic activity was confirmed by α- amylase inhibitory activity at concentrations of 25-400μg/ml.

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