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Preparation of Microbeads by different Techniques and Study of their influence on Evaluation Parameters

Umesh D. Shivhare , Vijay B. Mathur , Chandrashekhar G. Shrivastava , Vivek I. Ramteke


Microparticulate drug delivery systems have various well-known advantages over single unit dosage form. One of the most exploited techniques to formulate microparticulate drug delivery is microencapsulation. Although it offers many significant advantages it is only at the sake of some drawbacks. Some of important drawbacks of these techniques include the use of more or less harsh conditions in the formulation process which limits the many substances such as protein, enzyme and live cells etc. as core material for encapsulation. Preparation of microbeads drug delivery system is one of the alternatives to overcome above problem which involves neither use of harsh chemical nor elevated temperature. The conventional techniques involve the use of- Ionotropic gelation method, Emulsion gelation method, Polyelectrolyte complexation method. Majority of work has been done on preparation of microbeads by ionotropic gelation method rather than other methods owing to its ease of preparation for the treatment of various diseases it will be interesting in assess the release pattern of the drug from microbeads using different preparation techniques. Hence, the objectives of the present study is formulation and development of microbeads by different techniques using the water soluble drug and comparing the drug release pattern of prepared microbeads so as to obtain the ideal method among various techniques.

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