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Individual and combined efficacy of multi angel isometric exercises and electrical stimulation in treatment of haemophilic arthritis

Hamed ElKhozamy, Wageeh Fawzy Hassan Hassanien, Nadia Albdelazeem Fayaz, Abdelrahman Ibrahim Eldesoky


Background: Hemophilia is a congenital sex-linked disorder resulting from a deficiency of clotting factor. Recurrent joint bleeding in persons with hemophilia is known to lead to joint damage associated with pain, loss of range of motion and function. Objective: Comparing between individual and combined efficacy of electrical stimulation and multi angel isometric exercises in patients with hemophilic arthritis. Methods: Twenty patients had participated with age ranged from 15 to40 years, whose were randomly assigned into two experimental groups. First group (A) was consisted of ten males patients with mean age 27.3 (± 7.2) years, received multi angel isometric exercises program. Second group (B) was consisted of ten males patients with mean age of 28 (± 8.2) years, received a program of combined multi angel isometric exercises with electrical stimulation. Treatment was given 3 times/ week, every other day, for 6 consecutive weeks. Patients were evaluated pre and post treatment for their functional walking, pain levels and knee joint extension range of motion. Results: The results revealed that, there were significant differences in knee joint extension range of motion measured further, the pain levels were not significantly differ between both groups regarding to improvement in functional walking. Conclusion: Combination of both multi angle isometric exercises with electrical stimulation which is the most beneficial method for patients' addition to hemophilic arthritis to improve their joint health better than using one modality and which reflect on gait and activity daily level.

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