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Formulation of Sustained Release Aceclofenac Matrix tablets using Prunus Armenica L. Gum as a release retardant

Supriyo Saha* , Mohd Vaseem Fateh , Rajendra . S. Mehta , Mehtab Ali


In this study our main intention is to find out a best formulated sustained release matrix tablet of Aceclofenac using a natural gum Prunus armenica L. obtained from high altitutde of Kumaun region (Mukteshwar) as well as evaluate its various parameters such as, Drug solubility study, Drug Excipients compatibility study, Drug content, Cumulative percent drug release ,stability studies as well as compare it with marketed formulation (Aceclo- SR- Aristo pharmaceuticals). Phytochemical test and derived properties of powder gum was evaluated and compare its properties with Guar gum and Gum tragacanth as well as compare its IR spectra with reference standard molecule. Here we formulate 10 different formulations such as F1-F10 by varying the percentage of Gum content to find out the sustained release property throughout the 12 h dissolution study using in vitro USP type I dissolution test apparatus. The drug release study was carried out in 0.1 N HCl for initial 2 h, followed by in phosphate buffer pH 7.4 for 10 h Each 900 ml of dissolution media maintained at 37±0.5C and agitated at 100 rpm. Among the 10 formulations, Formulation F4 with Prunus armeniaca gum 25% was found to be most promising formulation as they showed sustained release (99.75 %) as well as maintained excellent matrix integrity during the period of 12 h study. Formulation F4 was selected as the best optimized formulation.

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