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Formulation and Evaluation of Albendazole Microspheres by Ionotropic Gelation method

Umesh. B. Patil , Kundan P. Chaudhari , Umesh T.Jadhao , Vinod M.Thakare , Bharat W. Tekade


The objectives of the present studies was to developed Albendazole microparticles by using sodium alginate and tamarind polysaccharide as polymer for colonic delivery of albendazole. microspheres were prepared using TSP and Sodium alginate as blend in different ratios with different calcium chloride concentration as a cross linker by ionotropic gelation. The microspheres were characterized for drug content, percentage yield, particle size analysis and surface morphology. The results of all the physiochemical tests of all formulations were found to be favourable. The swelling index study was shows that low conc. of cross linking agent give higher swelling due to lower degree of cross linking. FT-IR studies indicated that there were no reactions between albendazole, and polymers used. Different formulations of microspheres showed prolonged in-vitro release profiles over 12 hours in both stomach and intestinal pH. It was found that the albendazole release in gastric pH was comparatively slow and sustained than intestinal pH. SEM photographs showed that the microspheres were spherical with no visible major surface irregularity. The kinetic study was carried out and the best fitted kinetic model for F-2 batch was Korsmeyer peppas have R value 0.961 and k value was 5.808.

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