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Formation and Characterization of Carbopol 971P-PVP Interpolymer complex and its application for sustained delivery of Acyclovir

Avinash H. Hosmani , Yogesh S. Thorat , Indrajeet D. Gonjari , Amrut B. Karmarka


Complexation between polymers can be productive with the advantage of broadening of application areas, altered physicochemical characteristics, decreased concentration required. The present investigation was aimed to prepare inter-polymer complex between Carbopol 971P and different grades of Poly (vinyl pyrrolidone) such as K25, K30, K90, VA/ S-630. Extension of the idea was to apply the optimized complex for the sustained release of Acyclovir. The study of interaction between polymers and thermotropic properties of polymers was done by FTIR Spectroscopy and Differential Scanning Calorimetry. Water retaining capacity, pH, conductivity, swelling and mucoadhesion were used to compare the physicochemical and pharmaceutical properties of individual polymers and interpolymer complex. Interpolymer complexation of Carbopol 971P was completed between all grades of PVP but the most significant was in case of PVP K90. Complex showed good mucoadhesion and swelling behaviour. Acyclovir was used as model drug to study the sustained release ability of polymer complex. Drug release of Acyclovir from interpolymer complex disc was found to follow Peppas model as best fit model showing a delayed release. Thus interpolymer complexation between Carbopol 971P and PVP was found to alter physicochemical properties of polymers. The novel approach was stable and effective to sustain drug release.

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