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Emulsified gel A Novel approach for delivery of hydrophobic drugs: An overview

S. B. Kute and R.B. Saudagar


A unique feature of topical drug delivery is the direct accessibility of the skin as target organ for diagnosis and treatment. Among the various group of semisolid preparation, the use of gel has expanded both in cosmetics and in the pharmaceuticals. Despite of several advantages of the gel there is limitation in delivery of hydrophobic drugs, so to overcome this limitation an emulsion base approach is being most used. Emulgels are emulsions, either of the oil-in-water or water in oil type, which are gelled by mixing with a gelling agent. Emulsified gel is stable one and better vehicle for hydrophobic or poorly water soluble drugs. In short emulgels are the combination of emulsion and gel. The major objective behind this formulation is the delivery of hydrophobic drugs to the systemic circulation via the skin .The emulgels for dermatological use has several favourable properties Such as being thixotropic, greaseless, easily spreadable, easily removable, emollient, non-staining, water-soluble, greater shelf life, bio-friendly, clear and pleasant appearance. Various penetration enhancers can potentiate the effect. So this can be used as superior topical drug delivery systems over present conventional systems available in market.

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