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Efficacy and accuracy of ABO blood group determination from saliva

Theebani Thrumiaya , R. Gayathri , V. Vishnu Priya


The ABO blood group framework was the huge component for legal serological examination of blood and body fluids in the past before the wide adjustment of DNA writing. A critical extent of people (80%) is secretors, implying that antigens present in the blood are likewise found in other body fluids, for example, saliva. Absorption inhibition is one such strategy that works by lessening quality of an antiserum in light of sort and measure of antigen present in the stains. To check the efficacy of identifying the blood group antigens in saliva and to know the secretor status using absorption inhibition method among individuals in Saveetha Dental College and Hospitals. Blood and saliva samples were collected from five individuals with different blood group. The inhibition absorption technique was utilized to decide the blood group antigens in the salivation, and afterward, the outcomes were corresponded with the blood group of the gathered blood test. Using absorption inhibition method, this sample gave results that matched with blood. Blood Groups A, B, and O revealed 100% secretor status for both males and females. Saliva as stains is experienced as physical confirmation. In many cases, for example, rape, murder, disputed paternity, cigarette butt closes, and so on. Hence, secretor status evaluation of the ABO blood group antigen in saliva using absorption inhibition method can be a useful tool in forensic examination.

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