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Effect of lyophilization and polymer compositions on solubility of aceclofenac solid dispersions

Shilpa Gupta and Laxmi Saini


Aceclofenac, a non steroidal anti-inflammatory agent is BCS class II drug (highly permeable and low soluble) shows poor aqueous solubility, in order to improve solubility and dissolution rate; solid dispersions of Aceclofenac were prepared using different polymers and effect of polymer compositions on solid dispersion were also investigated. Solid dispersions of Aceclofenac were prepared using PEG 6000 and Poloxamer 407. Dissolution studies indicated significant enhancement in dissolution of Aceclofenac when dispersed in PEG 6000 and Poloxamer 407. Solid dispersions containing Aceclofenac /Poloxamer 407, 1: 4.5, showed a max. dissolution (97%) after 60 min (D60) and another dispersion containing Aceclofenac /PEG 6000, 1:6, also showed significant enhancement in dissolution rate (D60 value 94%). FT-IR study was also performed to determine the physicochemical properties of the solid dispersions in comparison with the pure drug. It was found that lyophilized solid dispersions of Poloxamer 407 had the maximum effect on the rate and extent of dissolution of Aceclofenac.

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