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Effect of lateral wedged foot insole on Knee Proprioception in Knee Osteoarthritis

Mohammed Y. Gmal Eldin, Wadida H. ElSayed, Ghada A. Abdulah, Hassan H. Abdalla


Background and Objective: Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is known as a degenerative joint disease, characterized by joint pain and stiffness. Proprioception declines with articular disease such as OA. Impaired proprioception at the knee joint may affect the correct perception of the knee joint position and movement, which in turn affects the inter-joint coordination of the knee with other joints. This study aimed to investigate the effect of lateral wedged foot insole on knee proprioception accuracy in medical knee osteoarthritis (MKOA). Subjects: Thirty patients from both sexes were assigned randomly into 2 equal groups participated in the study. Group A, fifteen patients with mean age 46.57±6.04 years, mean weight 83.92±5.07 kg, mean height 160.42±2.84 cm and mean body mass index (BMI) 31.28±2.84 kg/m2. Group B, fifteen patients with mean age 47.54±9.39 years, mean weight 82.9±10.27 Kg, mean height 165.36±7.01 cm and mean BMI 30±5.11 Kg/m2. Method: Measurements of proprioception accuracy of knee before and immediately after finishing three months of treatments were conducted for each participant. Group A received conventional treatment program for three months and group B received the same conventional treatment program combined with wearing 5° laterally wedged insoles. Results: There was significant improvement in knee proprioception accuracy in group B where P-value was 0.013 but there was no significant improvement in group A where P-value was 0.894.On the other hand there was significant difference in post treatment between groups where P-value was 0.002 and this significant reduction in favor to group B than group A. Conclusion: It was concluded that using the laterally wedged insole together with the conventional treatment program proves to be more beneficial than using the conventional treatment program only.

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