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Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Mirtazapine Loaded Floating Tablets

Upendra Nagaich , Rajeev Kumar , Promila Sharan , Spriya Sharan , Neha Gulati , Amit Chaudhary


The aim of performing the present research work was to formulate and evaluate the sustained release floating tablets of Mirtazapine an Antidepressant which was used as model drug with a rapid and complete, absorption but, due to first-pass metabolism, absolute bioavailability is 50%. HPMC K4M and Carbopol 934 as hydrophilic polymers were used as matrix forming polymer and sodium bicarbonate was used as an effervescence generating agent to provide buoyancy to the tablet. The HPMC K4M and Carbopol 934 were incorporated in varying ratio to see the effect of polymer concentration on the in-vitro release of the Mirtazapine Floating Tablet. All the powdered excipients along with API were compressed using direct compression technique. All the formulations were characterized for various physicochemical properties like thickness, hardness, friability, weight variation, total floating time, buoyancy lag time, drug content, and in vitro drug release studies. From the investigation, the result for the optimized formulation F4 was found to be 3.0±0.9mm, 8.7±0.5kg/cm2, 0.30±0.13%, 501±2.6% respectively and the total floating time, buoyancy lag time, drug content, and in vitro drug release studies16 h, 40 sec, 99.2% and 85.42% respectively. The formulation F4 comprising 4:1 ratio of Carbopol 934 and HPMC K4M has shown promising results. The result findings have clearly shown release retarding effect of the polymeric combination when used in 1:4 proportions.

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