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A Highly Sensitive and Selective Photometric Creatinine Assay Using Padinapavonica Silver Nano-Probe

Ahmed H. A. Hassanein , Raghda R. S. Hussein , Ahmed Ali Farghali , Ibraheem B.M. Ibraheem


Creatinine (Crn) is the most frequently ordered renal analyte in medical labs. The most commonly used technique for the detection of Crn is Jaffe’s reaction, a well-known analysis used on routine basis for biological samples. However, during the estimation of Crn in biological fluids, other components like urea, uric acid or some minerals change the results to be higher than it should. To overcome such lack of accuracy, this study developed a silver nano-probe for the detection of Crn selectively and precisely. This is a novel approach based on the traditional Jaffe’s reaction with the advantage of high sensitivity and selectivity to detect Crn. The AgNPs based probe proficiently and selectively recognizes Crn by forming a complex with the Crn even in the presence of other interfering constituents. This complex formation leads to a color change that can be detected visually and spectrophotometrically. A correlation was found to be linear starting from 0.01 μM to 1 μM concentrations of Crn in solution with an R2 value of 0.998 and a detection limit of 12 nM. To validate the reliability of the present method, the probe tested to assay Crn in human urine samples to insure the sensitivity and selectivity. Afterwards, the results were compared to the results of the Jaffe’s analysis. The developed approach found to be highly sensitive and selective and can be used as a routine method for the analysis of Crn.

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