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Management of radix endomolaris and paramolaris in mandibular molars: A case series

S. G. Khirtika , Sindhu Ramesh


Endodontic treatment's success relies on the proper identification of all the canals, complete chemomechanical preparation along with three-dimensional obturation with hermetic seal. Unusual tooth morphology may result in the mentioned steps' failure. Having two roots along with three canals (mesiobuccal, mesiolingual, and distal) are common features of mandibular molars, which might vary only in a few teet. The mentioned variation with regard to the number of roots is known as radix. This article presents case series of mandibular molar with an extra root. Moreover, the modifications concerning the canal preparation, problems encountered during the treatment, common iatrogenic errors which occur during the treatment, and factors which affect the prognosis, are provided.

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