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Influence of PMF on RBCs and ‎therapeutic action of vitamins

Manal B. Abd El-Fatah , Soheir Sh. Rezk–Allah , Ragia M. Kamel , Neveen Abd El-Latif Abd El-Raoof , Nadia ‎K. Maree


Background: Magnetic fields are considered as one of the most developing and common used modalities in the field of physical therapy. Physical therapists use magnetic fields for the treatment of various musculoskeletal disorders such as back dysfunction. Pulsed magnetic field (PMF) was reported to have hazardous effects besides the beneficial effects to subjects who are subjected to it for treatment or even therapists who are present with patients at the PMF Purposes: To investigate the efficacy of PMF on RBC morphology and investigate the treatment action of vitamins E and C versus injury influences induced by PMF. Subject: sixty patients (males and females) with mechanical low back pain (MLBP) were referred by their physician to receive PMF for treatment of their back pain; their ages ranged from 20-40 years; they were classified randomly into four equal groups. Method: Patients in group I  were treated with PMF (the frequency of 50 Hz, the intensity of 20 gausses, and duration of 20 min) and traditional physical therapy program. Patients in group II received the traditional physical therapy program only. Patients in group III were treated with PMF and traditional physical therapy program followed by taking vitamin C, and patients in group VI were treated with PMF and traditional physical therapy program followed by taking vitamin E. The treatment was applied 3 sessions per week for four successive weeks. The Red Blood Cells (RBCs) count, hemoglobin (HB), Packed Cell Volume (PCV) and Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV) were measured before and after 4 weeks of treatment. Results: There was a significant improvement of RBC morphology after treatments in the groups, treated with PEMF in addition to vitamin C or E. Conclusion: The RBC morphology is influenced by PMF exposure. Meanwhile, this alternative showed the signs of advancements with vitamins E and C therapies than PMF exposure alone.

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El-Fatah M B A, Rezk–Allah S S, Kamel R M, Abd El-Raoof N A E, Maree N ‎. Influence of PMF on RBCs and ‎therapeutic action of vitamins. J Adv Pharm Educ Res 2020;10(1):83-91
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