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Original Article
Year :  |  Volume : 7   |  Issue :1   |  Page :34-38  

A. S. Aishwarya , Deepa Gurunathan

Correspondence Address: Department of pedodontics, Saveetha Dental College, Saveetha University, Poonamallee, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, 2 Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, Saveetha Dental College, Saveetha University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Source of Support: None , Conflict of Interest: None

DOI: 10.4103/2231-4040.197331

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Aishwarya AS, Gurunathan D. Stress level in dental students performing pedodontic procedure. J Adv Pharm Edu Res 2017;7(1):34-38.

  Introduction   Top

Stress is defined as pressure or worry caused by problems in somebody’s life.[1,2] The practice of dentistry is associated to one of the high levels of occupational stress. Gorter et al. stated that stress encountered during dental education is more pronounced than during medical education.[3] Epidemiological studies demonstrated that dental students experience considerable stress during their training and they are more anxious than the general population.[4,5] Dental students have identified the development of stress due to many assignments, competition with other students, poor relationship with other students and teachers, anxious patients, fear of failure, complicated treatments and possible conflicts with patients, and limited time to perform and finish the planned treatment.[6] Stress gives a negative impact to the physical and mental health of the dental students.

Kieser and Herbison found that 3rd-year dental students reported being most anxious about surgical procedures.[7,8] In particular ABSTRACT Dental education has been asserted as one of the challenging and stressful fields of the study as dental students are expected to acquire diverse competencies such as academic and clinical competencies and interpersonal skills. Practitioners and students dealing with the field of pediatric dentistry have reported high-stress level on the basis of patient management. The aim of this study is to assess the level of stress among dental students and methods of managing children while performing pedodontic procedure. A self-designed questionnaire was given to 275 undergraduates and 21 postgraduates, the data obtained were analyzed using Chi-square test, and the stress levels were compared. Third-year students found it difficult to overcome the stress and were less confident while treating a child patient. Overall, 43% of students were more stressed while giving local anesthesia and 27.7% students were more stressed during extraction. Among students of all years, 50.3% of students preferred tell-show-do method for managing a child patient. Acceptance and spiritual methods were preferred by most of the students of all years as coping strategies to overcome stress. This study reveals that stress level was generally high among the beginners of clinical practice and decreased on continuous practice. Students who had knowledge on child’s psychology and behavioral management techniques agreed that it helped in reducing stress level. Key words: Dental student’s anxiety, pedodontic procedure, stress to pediatric dentistry, dental student’s anxiety and stress level is elevated to the peak as managing a child in the dental chair is a great challenge for any dentist. Pediatric dental care is influenced by pedodontic triangle which consists of parents, child patient, and the dental team. No part of this triad can be viewed in isolation. The relationship between child, parent, and the dentist is interrelated and their communication is reciprocal.[9] To develop a good rapport with a child patient, the dental student must be equipped with confidence, knowledge of the treatment, and behavioral management methods before performing the treatment. Hence, the purpose of this study is to analyze and compare the prevalence of stress in dental students performing various pedodontic procedures as well as to evaluate the techniques used to manage child patients and methods to overcome the stress.

  Materials and methods   Top

The study received the approval from university review board (STP/ SD12 BDS 081).

A pilot study was performed with a self-designed questionnaire regarding stress experienced by dental students while performing pediatric procedure with 20 students initially, and required modifications were made in the questionnaire. The modified questionnaire was then distributed among third, final year and interns of undergraduate dental course and master of dental surgery students at the university in Chennai. The questionnaire was verified by a senior academic faculty member.

The questionnaire contained demographic details of the participants. Following it, the questionnaire was divided into four sections. Section A contained questions regarding preference of dental students in performing pedodontic procedure. Section B consisted of questions related to stress and anxiety faced by the students while treating pediatric patients. Section C included various behavioral management techniques implemented by dental students toward pediatric patients. Section D dealt with methods the students followed to cope up the stresses.

The completed questionnaires were collected back on the same day and the data were analyzed. The collected data were analyzed with IBM. SPSS statistics software 23.0 version. To describe about the data, descriptive statistics, frequency analysis, percentage analysis were used for categorical variables and the mean and standard deviation were used for continuous variables. To find the significance in categorical data, Chi-square test was used. In the above statistical tool, the P = 0.05 is considered as significant level.

  Results   Top

Discussion   Top

Conclusion   Top

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